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Naturally Inspired – Andy SarlesFinding Without Fail – Eric LukosiDirected Design – Siris LaursenReclaiming Energy – Veerle KeppensProbing Protein – Tongye ShenThaw. Freeze. Repeat. – Edmund PerfectCapture and Release – David JenkinsCarbon on the Move – Aimée ClassenHow can I help? – Wei GaoI Experiment, Therefore I Compute – David KefferGatekeepers – Gladys AlexandreMolecular Stitching – Eric BoderSingle-Cell Diesel Production – Cong Trinh
Naturally Inspired – Andy Sarles
Finding Without Fail – Eric Lukosi
Directed Design – Siris Laursen
Reclaiming Energy – Veerle Keppens
Probing Protein – Tongye Shen
Thaw. Freeze. Repeat. – Edmund Perfect
Capture and Release – David Jenkins
Carbon on the Move – Aimée Classen
How can I help? – Wei Gao
I Experiment, Therefore I Compute – David Keffer
Gatekeepers – Gladys Alexandre
Molecular Stitching – Eric Boder
Single-Cell Diesel Production – Cong Trinh

The Science Alliance, a Tennessee Center of Excellence established in 1984, has a mission to expand cooperative ventures in research with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and in that process enhance science and engineering research programs at the University of Tennessee.

Center research emphasizes strategic areas of importance to both organizations. Materials science, neutron science, computational science, and bioinformatics are currently among the most prominent UT-ORNL collaborative areas receiving support. UT-Battelle management of ORNL helps the center meet these goals.

The flagship campus of the University of Tennessee System and partner in the Tennessee Transfer Pathway.