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Science Alliance programs build cross-disciplinary research teams of scientists and engineers from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to address significant challenges in a trio of converging fields: nanotechnology, information technology, and biotechnology. The center abides by a two-fold directive: to improve science and engineering research at UT and to expand the university’s joint research ventures with ORNL.

Andy Sarles

Naturally Inspired – Andy Sarles

Andy Sarles’ research identifies how cholesterol affects Alzheimer’s disease.
Sarles and his ORNL counterpart Shuo Qian want to know if a relationship exists between cholesterol in the cell membrane and the plaque-forming amyloid beta fibrils linked to debilitating Alzheimer’s disease. Sarles’ team uses a tool invented to create artificial cell membranes between two water droplets. With it they can control membrane composition, size, and other properties—historically a difficult task to accomplish. Read More…

Eric Lukosi
Siris Laursen
Veerle Keppens
Tongye Shen
Edmund Perfect

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