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Naturally Inspired – Andy Sarles

Andy Sarles

Andy Sarles’ research identifies how cholesterol affects Alzheimer’s disease.
Sarles and his ORNL counterpart Shuo Qian want to know if a relationship exists between cholesterol in the cell membrane and the plaque-forming amyloid beta fibrils linked to debilitating Alzheimer’s disease. Sarles’ team uses a tool invented to create artificial cell membranes between two water droplets. With it they can control membrane composition, size, and other properties—historically a difficult task to accomplish. Read More…

Finding Without Fail – Eric Lukosi

Eric Lukosi

Eric Lukosi’s research improves containers for storing nuclear fission products
Lukosi takes the first step in the long road towards achieving a next generation neutron-imaging sensor that will be able to characterize and confirm whether the materials we choose to use in critical applications remain effective and safe. Read More…

Directed Design – Siris Laursen

Siris Laursen

Siris Laursen’s research helps create clean, sustainable energy
Laursen tackles one of science’s Grand Challenges with a combination of state-of-the-art experimentation and theoretical modeling that promises to greatly advance the goal of rational design. Read More…

Reclaiming Energy – Veerle Keppens

Veerle Keppens

Veerle Keepens’s research turns temperature shifts into electricity.
Keppens and ORNL’s Olivier Delaire search for microscopic clues to the origins of suppressed thermal conductivity in hopes of finding useful new thermoelectric materials. Read More…

Probing Protein – Tongye Shen

Tongye Shen

Tongye Shen’s research identifies dynamic structure of protein molecules in living organisms.
In collaboration with ORNL scientists, Shen targets the challenge of studying complex protein systems with a powerful combination of modeling, theoretical, and computational tools. Read More…

Thaw. Freeze. Repeat. – Edmund Perfect

Edmund Perfect

Edmund Perfect’s research hones predictions about future climate change.
The collaboration led by Perfect and ORNL’s Richard Mills pairs a profound knowledge of the physical processes involved in ground freezing and thawing with supercomputing to model the impacts of global warming. Read More…

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