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Daniel Costinett with students in lab

Joint Directed Research and Development Program

The Joint Directed Research Development (JDRD) program is undergoing a change in 2019. The JDRD program is a dual University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) venture that has facilitated collaboration between researchers from both institutions for decades. Historically, JDRD projects have complemented Laboratory Directed Research Development (LDRD) or ORNL Seed Money Fund projects.

In the past, the Science Alliance has issued a call for proposals under a broad umbrella of topic areas. Proposals were then evaluated by panel on technical merit, inclusion of graduate and undergraduate students, and other contributing factors.

In order to better complement the work of both the university and ORNL, the JDRD program is being re-conceptualized to create greater cohesion around topics of mutual strategic interest for both institutions. Moving forward, submissions will be narrowed to fewer topic areas, to be determined by a compliment of ORNL and UT faculty members and administrators. Details regarding the updated process will be made available at a later date. A call for proposals under the new program is expected to be issued in the spring.