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2015 JDRD Awards

In 2015 the Science Alliance funded nine new and three second-year JDRD projects.

First-Year Projects

The following individuals received first-year JDRD funding:

Steven Abel

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Membrane Domain Formation on Nanostructured Scaffolds: Theory and Computational Modeling

Tessa Calhoun


Imaging Nanomaterial Interfaces using Evanescent Wave Electronic Sum Frequency Generation Microscopy

Qing Charles Cao

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Software-defined Storage for Efficiency and Reliability in Exascale High-Performance-Computing Systems

Kim Carter

Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Use of PFLOTran and Uncertainty Quantification for Modeling Subsurface Transport of Chemical Contaminants in Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater

David Donovan

Nuclear Engineering

Plasma-Material Interaction Studies for Fusion Energy Relevant Conditions on the ORNL Proto-MPEX Device

Steven Johnston

Physics and Astronomy

Quantum Monte Carlo studies of correlated one-dimensional multi-orbital systems

Ramki Kalyanaraman

Materials Science and Engineering

New ultrastable bimetallic thin films for plasmonic-based chemical sensing

Nicole McFarlane

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

CMOS Based Neutron Detection

Jim Ostrowski

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Optimal Thermal Control in a Micro Grid

Second-Year Projects

The following individuals received second-year JDRD funding:

Daniel Costinett

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Targeted Drive Train DC-DC Design for Electric Vehicles Using Additive Manufacturing and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

Brian Long

Department of Chemistry

Tailored Synthesis of Complex Polymeric Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Purification

Haixuan Xu

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Transport Properties of Interfacial Defects in Materials