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PACT Awards

2023 Awardee

Dayakar Penumadu

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hypersonic technologies have been investigated in the past for reusable applications such as
space shuttles. Today, new classes of hypersonic weapons capabilities are emerging throughout
the world and there is an urgent need to develop a new class of materials needed to satisfy extreme environment to be experienced related to temperature, mechanical loading, and plasma driven environment exposing material surfaces to atomic oxygen and nitrogen. We propose to develop novel materials, carbon matrix composites with carbon fiber reinforcement that can consider a variety of fiber architecture and high carbon resins for conversion with improved throughput.

Nicole McFarlane

Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Toward Hybrid Biomicroelectronic Systems

Biological systems have been shown to be much more efficient at sensing, processing, and communicating data. However, while there are many different tools to monitor these systems there is little work developing systems which form a closed loop between the biology and the electronics to create hybrid biomicroelectronic systems. McFarlane’s goal is to investigate these hybrid systems and develop of means of engineering cellular expression within them.