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Dr. Wei Gao

gao_smart-phoneA prototype of the communication and coordination mechanisms required is on track for development, together with a conditioned building system and test bed of users.

The corresponding LDRD project, led by Pooran C. Joshi at ORNL, has recently demonstrated its ability to fabricate 3-D printable sensors by a process that will enormously reduce the per unit cost of built-in sensors. Together the two projects will arrive at a fully integrated and much lower cost system that will make possible truly practical and effective smart building technology. Many business corporations and funding agencies are interested in the interaction of communication, computation and control systems for buildings and for environmental and other physical technologies; the collaboration expects to prepare proposals in the near future, targeting the National Science Foundation, Cyber-Physical Systems and the US Department of Energy’s Building Technologies programs, among others.

JDRD project:
User-centric sensing platform for smart buildings
Wei Gao, UT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

LDRD project:
Low-cost, multi-sensor wireless platform for smart buildings
Pooran Joshi, ORNL Materials Science and Technology Division