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Knoxville News Sentinel for his work on connective vehicle technology.

Chakraborty received funding in 2016 from the Science Alliance, via the Joint Directed Research Development (JDRD) program, to develop the virtual platform referenced in the article. His work centers on connective and autonomous vehicle technology with respect to addressing the human element and potential problems of integrating these vehicles with traditional automobiles. He believes that all vehicles on the road will eventually be autonomous, but what of safety concerns until that occurs?

“What happens if you inject more of these connected vehicles alongside our normal cars,” Chakraborty asks. “Do we have to go through a period where we are less safe because we are interacting badly with these vehicles?”

Chakraborty’s JDRD project was conducted in conjunction with an Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Laboratory Directed Research Development (LDRD) project helmed by Andreas Malikopoulos, deputy director of the Urban Dynamics Institute.

Elbio DagottoDistinguished Scientist

UT Department of Physics & Astronomy; ORNL Division of Materials Science & Technology

Nanoscale dimensions and correlated electronic behavior

Elbio Dagotto primarily uses computational techniques to study transition metal oxides, oxide interfaces, and the recently discovered iron based, high-temperature superconductors. These materials and others studied by his group show promise both for technological applications and for advancing fundamental concepts in condensed matter physics.

Dagotto has several active collaborations with ORNL scientists working with materials from manganese oxides to iron based high temperature superconductors. Additionally, he serves as principal investigator of a DOE Field Work Proposal, FWP, at ORNL, entitled “Theoretical studies of Complex Collective Phenomena,” which secured a grant from the Department of Energy that supplied $1.9 million for 18 months to ORNL.

Phone: (865) 974-2122
FAX: (865) 974-5979
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Mailing Address:
South College
1413 Circle Dr.
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville 37996

Takeshi EgamiDistinguished Scientist

UT departments of Materials Science & Engineering and Physics & Astronomy; ORNL Division of Materials Science & Technology

Atomic-scale dynamics of liquids and gasses; High-temperature superconductivity

The physics of liquids is much less developed than the physics of solids. Takeshi Egami explores new science of liquids and gases using computer simulation (including quantum mechanical calculations) and neutron and synchrotron x-ray scattering experiments.

Egami is currently participating in a number of active collaborations with ORNL scientists, including Department of Energy projects whose fiscal year budgets total more than $2.7 million.

Additionally, Egami has served as Editor for Advances in Physics from 2011 to the present and Divisional Associate Editor in Condensed Matter Physics for Physical Review Letters.

Phone: (865) 974-7204
FAX: (865) 974-3895
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Mailing Address:
208 South College
1413 Circle Dr.
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville 37996-1508